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Vikings Rising: How Intolerant Leftists, Violent Commies, Liars, Psychopaths, Fake Newsers, and other Darlings of the Main Stream Media Unleashed a Movement

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More of a movement than simply a book, in America, and across the world, Vikings are Rising. While the Left is busily pushing its progressive (but highly biased) envelope further and further every day, normal everyday people are starting to wake up.

If you’ve ever felt tired of being endlessly made to feel guilty for things you didn’t do (colonialism, slavery), if you’re weary of trying to remember how many genders are floating around, if you have to walk on eggshells around more and more people, if you suspect something has gone terribly wrong with our schools and colleges, and just don’t get why you can’t be left alone to live a good traditional life…read on…

It’s all here, from insane demands for segregated housing and armed-with-bats patrols in search of conservatives on college campuses to grade schools where little children are made to cry over their natural skin color and to apologize and feel deep guilt for the privilege their skin is supposedly bestowing upon them undeservedly…

Facts. Eyewitness accounts. And links to the sources so you can see it, hear it, or read it for yourself.

  • A look at formerly safe and leading schools made into progressive indoctrination centers so dangerous teachers use secret knocks to hide from violence.
  • The biased way the old fashioned controlled media treats Antifa and other Bolshevik Communist Marxist groups versus the vitriol it spews at conservative and right-wing groups.
  • How the Left uses actors – and not famous ones- to skew public opinions and perceptions.
  • How the fake news media easily fakes news.
  • What certain aspects of the Unite the Right rally at Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of the General Robert E. Lee statue need to be carefully reinvestigated.
  • The Communist roots of today’s Leftistas.
  • With the enormous role of Muslim Arabs in slavery, and with slavery existing at some point virtually in all parts of the world, and with 5+ million Africans currently enslaved in Africa, why are only White Europeans to blame?
  • How innate European generosity is a road to disaster.
  • Why net neutrality and free speech and economic censorship are intertwined.
  • What the Heckler’s Veto is, and why it is arguably the most effective Leftist tool in the Antifa fight against free speech.
  • Why people are being thrown in jail in Europe just for their opinions.
  • The farce of “Disavow” seen against the backdrop of the Duke Byrd disparities.
  • The main 2 things Vikings Rising think about gender…
  • What the collapse of the Boy Scouts is doing to Girl Scouts.
  • Examples of the not-so-glorious results of open borders.
  • Why are gun grabbers leaving scores of highly armed Hollywood gun-loving celebrities alone?
  • Hate speech laws and how they are being used and abused plus loads of hate crime hoaxes…
  • The Internet of Things and why bathing in radiation doesn’t sound like a good idea…

Time for normalcy sure seems to be running out.



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Hasta la Vista EUROPE! 


Available now exclusively on AMAZON

Reach Chris Korondash at Aster House Press at ckorondash [at]

for information and/or to schedule an author interview.

Europe is doomed!

Hasta la Vista EUROPE! exposes what you’re not being told about the refugee crisis and how it’s destroying Europe. The old-fashioned-controlled-media is covering up a massive, cataclysmic travesty – the so-called “refugee crisis” in Europe. The fairytale is that millions of innocent peace-loving families are fleeing war and death.

Nothing could be further from the truth. And the truth is nothing short of savage.

Essential reading for anyone who wants to know what is really fermenting in Europe. If you or your family came from Europe, if you love Europe, if you have relatives in Europe, if anyone you know is planning to travel to Europe, you need to read Hasta la Vista EUROPE! today.

It’s all here, from crimes to cover-ups, from media spins to actual events, from horrific diseases to restricted info, from weeping women to ravaging gangs. The facts. The eyewitness accounts. And the links to the sources so you can see it, hear it, or read it for yourself.

Includes a look at each of the 51 countries and independent states that make up Europe today, full of hair-raising and unthinkable acts.  Col. Walter T. Richmond spares nothing as he exposes truth after truth.

FAIRYTALE: According to former uniform-wearing Communist Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, refugees are scared, pitiful families fleeing war that need immediate assistance.

TRUTH: Most “refugees” (75%+) are young fighting-age able-bodied males, many who abandoned their homes in search of economic opportunities.

FAIRYTALE: Sweden is a leading example of multicultural success.

TRUTH: Sweden is the new rape capital of Europe, with migrants leading the way in vicious criminal activity. While you’re at it, add in regular grenade and bomb attacks, and at least 55 migrant neighborhood areas (NO-GO zones) that the police simply don’t dare enter alone.

FAIRYTALE: Germany has led the way by taking in and welcoming an assortment of more than a million refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in 2015 and everything is working fine.

TRUTH: During a “Welcome Refugees” event in November 2015, large groups of male asylum seekers surrounded German coeds and sexually assaulted them. Terrified women fled the event as organizers tried to cover up assaults. Then, 1,000+ refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers assaulted (including rape, gang rape, and taharrush) over 800 women on New Year’s Eve 2016 in just one town in Germany (Cologne). Similar attacks, on lesser scales, occurred across Europe.

FAIRYTALE: Children refugees need special attention.

TRUTH: Yes, but many are NOT children. Many are much older than they claim to be – adult males pretend to be Syrian children in order to get faster asylum, and far lesser, if any, punishment when they commit violent crimes including assault, robbery, and even rape.

Does any of this sound like a plan that has been thought-out or is working?

Read the book to:

  • Learn about immigrant neighborhoods so dangerous that the police don’t dare enter without heavy backup
  • Discover which country claims to be committed to “freedom of expression” for foreigners while jailing its own artists
  • Learn what new “refugees” to Europe think about “LGBT rights” and why some seek severe punishments (stonings and death)
  • Read about retired local senior citizens being ousted out of their homes to make room for “refugees”
  • Discover where wearing or displaying your own country’s national flag can be considered a hate crime
  • Be awed as you realize that one migrant welcomed into a country can then bring in many more “family” members
  • Understand the lucrative practice of polygamy and how numerous migrants use polygamy coupled with welfare payments to live the good life on the backs of local taxpayers
  • Find out where leprosy and other dangerous diseases are resurfacing after decades of dormancy
  • Discover in which EU country there is an average of one school arson a day
  • Find out which EU countries DON’T have any legal obligation to take in migrants
  • Learn which European country released a report stating that migrants committing “gang rapes” appeared to be a common practice
  • Read about the many train rides and cruises made dangerous and even deadly by migrant misbehavior
  • Find out where children and people singing their own national anthem will be disallowed as it will be considered “offensive”
  • Learn which European countries are the least affected by migrant crime and why
  • Discover which is currently the most persecuted religion in the world (it’s NOT Judaism)
  • See how the media explains away, excuses, and even downplays the rampant incidents of migrant-on-local-women rapes
  • Witness the disconnect between the rich people pulling strings and the rest of Europe
  • Realize how Sharia law is fundamentally changing Europe
  • Find out what European nation housed large numbers of bomb-building and bomb-throwing children
  • Discover which country can’t account for hundreds of thousands of refugees
  • Learn which formerly safe and sleepy EU country is now the rape capital of Europe
  • Find out why migrants routinely attack doctors and nurses in hospitals
  • Learn the secret and subtle ways the media intentionally spins the refugee story to make it look like mostly women, children, and families – SPOILER ALERT: according to official stats, it is actually 75%+ young fighting age males
  • Be amazed as you find out what delusional European country is hoping migrants will be their new spouses, laborers, and even future beauty queens
  • Find out which country lost control of tens of thousands of aggravated migrant teens who simply walked out of emergency shelters and disappeared into the countryside
  • Marvel as you see examples of migrants chartering private jet flights out of their countries in order to more quickly take advantage of the economic windfalls they expect in Europe
  • Read about the country where local college girls turn to prostitution to make ends meet while their government busily spends fortunes catering to migrants
  • Find out who authorities want to house in some of the millions of vacant foreclosed homes flooding Europe – SPOILER ALERT –it’s not the locals
  • Discover where Christian symbols are being happily stripped off of churches so as not to offend the migrants
  • Read in which countries migrants are organizing to change national flags they feel aren’t inclusive of them
  • Find out disturbing truths behind one of the most iconic images of the “refugee crisis”
  • Discover which European country lost thousands of its young local children to migrant-led sex exploitation rings
  • Read in which European country, classrooms in schools were segregated to keep girls seated in the back
  • Find out where migrants scour the streets calling local European women not wearing long skirts and head-coverings “whores”
  • Discover what all this likely means for the United States where migrants are already working to change US traditions and laws
  • Read why the Director of the FBI testified that Syrian refugees headed for the US will be subjected to virtually zero meaningful screenings
  • Find out which towns in Texas and Michigan are already experiencing European-like challenges
  • Learn why the New Year’s Eve sex attacks all over Europe were very predictable

If you buy the print edition now, we provide the Kindle edition for free via Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook.

Reach Chris Korondash at Aster House Press at ckorondash [at] for more information, to inquire about a review copy, and/or to schedule an author interview.


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